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What To Eat With Focaccia? Our Guide Here

What To Eat With Focaccia?


What Foods Are Typically Served With Focaccia?

what is good for focaccia bread

In these modern times of worry and stress, it is good to know that some things can still be relied on to put a smile back on your face and fill up the space in your belly.

What to eat with Focaccia? The typical foods or sides which are served with focaccia are; balsamic vinegar, olive oil dips, cold meats, cheese or it can be eaten as part of a full meal or as a sandwich.

The Italian bread Focaccia, is a stretchy, spongy delight for dipping and sipping your favourite wine when you don’t have much time. It can be baked with everything from onions to potatoes, olives to sundried tomatoes and cheese and mushrooms to olive oil and rosemary. It is a remarkable traditional bread made from flour, water, malt, salt and extra virgin olive oil. Whether cooked with or without the accompanying ingredients above, this bread will make a meal for you in the tiniest of time frames or relaxing romantic liaisons.

What Foods Or Dips Are Served With Focaccia

What To Serve With Focaccia?

When this bread has been so packed full of ingredients already, the foods that ideally accompany it may be surplus to requirements. In these cases, it’s always good when Focaccia bread meets up with balsamic vinegar or olive oil dips and gets together with cold meats and cheese to fill up even the emptiest of bellies after only a few slices have been dipped.


For a bigger meal, you could serve it as an accompaniment with the famous Italian pasta dishes like Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettuccine Alfredo, maybe even a Green Pesto Penne with walnuts. But, as I have previously hinted, the action packed Foccacia bread will always fill the belly before the spaghetti and could leave the spaghetti on the plate lonely and naked as the Focaccia has taken the place of the pasta and soaked up all the sauce. That is how delicious this already delicious bread is once you start to dip it.


So Focaccia can be a meal on its own with wine or eaten as a starter to a meal or as part of a main meal. It can steal the limelight or stay in the oven warm for a late night snack with dips. The dips can be anything ranging from cream cheese and chives to spicy tomato and mayonnaise. Perfect for a sobering snack at a party or soaking up the last of the sauce when you prefer the spaghetti to the bread.


A plain Focaccia is great for sandwiches and you can use anything in-between the sheets.Chicken and bacon with salad and mayonnaise works well as does cold Italian salami and pesto. This sandwich is a real belly buster, whatever you decide to put in it.


Fancy a picnic but not much space in the basket next to the wine? Pack a Focaccia and a few olives and you will have all the food you need without the need for butter or cutlery. Just break the bread, open the olive jar and finish the bottle.


The Italians love their food and wine and this bread has a rich tradition of feeding generations rich and poor alike.Leonardo Da Vinci and Titian surely laboured over their masterpieces with a simple Foccacia meal to reward their senses late in the day.A poor family could survive on one loaf a day and probably have for generations.

This wonder bread from Genoa has also easily adapted to compete with the modern Italian favourite fast food, pizza.It can be stacked up high with cheese and jalapeno, peppers and pineapple, chicken and mushroom, ham, beef or whatever else you want to stack on top of it.

If you are a fan of sourdough bread, Focaccia is the Italian bread for you. It is a heavy delight both day and night and will fill you to the brim with satisfaction. Whether it is a pizza alternative, a snack, a meal on its own or cooked plain and simple for dipping, there can surely be no more versatile bread than this Genoan masterpiece.


Whether you cook it or buy it, the smells from your kitchen or the shop selling it fresh in the morning in Italy, may just conjure up more ways to enjoy this bread. Maybe you could make a kebab with it and insert some doner meat. Maybe you could have it with an Indian curry, maybe you could could store it in your freezer if the supply chains continue to be affected. This bread is a real survivor, you never know, it might just help you survive.Give us this day, our daily bread Jesus said. Was he talking about Focaccia?


One thing is certain. If you have a busy, hectic lifestyle with not much time on your hands, this simple bread could be the answer to many hunger pangs. As versatile as you need it to be or just left plain and simple. It is a simple choice to choose Foccacia. To dip or not to dip, that is the question.

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