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What To Eat With Leftover Rice? Answer’s Here

Recently I have been trying to make rice based meals from leftovers. I want to try to eat healthier and we all know rice is not the healthiest food but we also know it is very popular in the Philippines.

You’ve just finished eating a big bowl of steamed rice, but now it’s in the fridge and you’re wondering what to do with it.

After you finished eating your leftover rice, what should you do with the rest? Well, the easiest and healthiest way to use up any leftovers is to steam them.

Once your food is steamed, it’s easy to add in the toppings of your choice. Add greens, spices, and condiments to make a delicious stir fry. Add toasted nuts and seeds to make pesto.

Stir in cooked beans to make a hearty soup. Dress up leftover rice with extra vegetables in a rice salad. Add an egg or two to your rice and cook in a skillet until done.

Here some good foods to with leftover rice

In Filipino culture, many of our food-related traditions are tied to our religious beliefs and we are very particular about our food. The same is true for many other cultures around the globe, especially in the South East Asia.

One food that people often forget about and are unprepared for is leftover rice. By the time someone leftovers their rice, it’s usually been left in the cooker for a long time.

This is only natural, since the rice is cooked at a high temperature, since it’s boiled quickly, and the fact that the leftover rice becomes hard.

  • Leftover rice with smoke fish.

The traditional recipe for leftover rice my mom used to make was to make a fried egg on top of the rice, then fry some more rice on top of that, and then cook a piece of smoked fish on the rice.

This was supposed to give the rice a slight smokey taste. I tried this a couple of months ago while having lunch with my mom.

It did add a little smoke flavor, but I found that the rice became more chewy and less fluffy than normal for a more traditional fried egg.

  • Leftover rice with fried chicken.

The Filipino cuisine is very known for their delicious chicken, which is just one of many Filipino dishes. Of course, there are many ways to cook chicken such as grilling, roasting, stir-frying and steaming.

You can also use the leftover chicken in broths, stews, salads and other dishes. Leftover fried chicken is also a good idea since it’s really easy to make. All you need is leftover rice and chicken that you can use as a complete meal.

  • Leftover rice with Adobo.

Rice with adobo is one of the many simple Filipino dishes that can be made quickly at home. It is a great way to use leftover rice as this is usually the portion that is discarded.

Who doesn’t have leftover rice at some point? You just need to add adobo to it and enjoy! left over rice with adobo.

  • Leftover rice with fried bangus.

We Filipinos are very particular about our food. We have certain foods that we eat as a standard everyday dish that is our staple.

The staple of the Filipino diet is rice, which is eaten on a daily basis. We also eat a variety of different types of rice dishes. The rice dishes usually are paired with an extra-special dish called bangus, which is a type of milkfish.

If you have leftover fried bangus on a plate, and you don’t have another dish to eat with it, what should you do? Leave it on the table or wrap it up and take it home?

Well, the Filipinos have a solution to this problem: they cook leftover fried bangus with leftover rice! Not only will you have a 2-course meal with this quick recipe, you will also be saving money and using up some food you have already cooked.

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