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What Not To Eat With Milk? – Find Out Here

Milk is a great source of protein and calcium, but once you add vitamins and minerals to the equation, it can go from being a nutritious food to a health risk. You can overdose on calcium, and a lot of it, even if you’re drinking the recommended daily serving.

Also, milk does not contain enough vitamin D, so you may be deficient in this essential nutrient, unless you drink fortified milk.

If you’re lactose intolerant, then it’s best to stick to plant-based milk and milk substitutes, such as soy milk, almond milk, or rice milk.

What are some examples of bad combinations?

We often worry about what to eat when but a very big factor that most of us tend to overlook is the right food pairing. While in textbooks milk is called as a whole food, we all love to pair milk with our favourite cookies, fruits and sometimes even with proper meals.

But if we go by Ayurveda, milk can turn out to be a disaster when had with the wrong combinations.

According to Ayurvedacharya Dr Pratap Chauhan, “A lot of people have milk and bananas together and consider it a meal. But Ayurveda prohibits this combination.”

Further elaborating, he said, “Incompatible foods are harmful. Agni, or the digestive fire in the human gut is responsible for digesting foods that we eat. Similar to a normal fire, it gets affected by accelerants and inhibitors.

For instance if you added fuel to a fire, it would burn faster and water would extinguish it.

The internal fire (Agni) works in a similar fashion. When we eat things that overload Agni, the digestion process becomes weak. This leads to formation of ama (toxins) which is the basis of all diseases.”

Agni becomes weak when you mix incompatible foods. Milk is a nutritious food that is very nutritious as long as you don’t mix it with incompatible items. Below are the foods you should not have with milk:

  • Bananas
  • Cherries
  • Any sour fruit (orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, tamarind, amla, green apples, plums, star fruit, pineapple, etc)
  • Yeast containing items
  • Egg, meat and fish
  • Kitchari
  • Yogurt
  • Beans
  • Radish

Toxic Combination of Food with Milk: Food Combinations That Kill

Everyone loves eating and food completes the composition of satisfaction and survival. Our eating habits directly relate to our health. The nutritious portion is the most significant entity of food whether it is in the liquefied form or solid form.

We are going to talk about the primary source of nutrition and energy. The wealthiest liquefied of a balanced diet is Milk. It is the finest health booster available in the form of liquid state. Mammals generate it.  

Milk is an incredible treasure of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates. But there always stays the dark side of good things as the consumption of milk may turn into being the reason behind the critical disease.

Let us have a brief reading of Top 10 toxic combination of food with milk which is mentioned as below:

Banana and Milk

Here is a health alert for you. It is possible that you love this combination of food. The sad part is that Banana and Milk is a big no. The coalition of these two causes a great feeling of discomfort.

This may also lead to unbearable crap in the abdominal part of your body. It even proves to be toxic. Banana and Milk is really very harmful to your brain health too. It even destroys your digestive system.

We hope that you will ignore this combination by now.

Fish and Milk

The other combination is the fish and milk. The consumption of both this food on combining basis causes the severe skin related issues. The intake of this food at same time evolves the havoc inside your digestive system.

This ends up by disturbing your whole cycle of digestive enzymes. This is the reason why Fish and Milk is obtaining the second position in the list of Top 10 toxic combination of food with milk.

Orange and Milk

Orange is the favourite fruit of many people out there. It is an important source of Vitamin C as well. But this fruit is not at all healthy when it gets fused with milk. The main demerit is that it causes a blow to the process of digestion.

Following the picking sessions and unbearable health problems. Orange loses its healthy sides when you choose to consume it with milk. So, stay careful with the further purpose precautions of health.

Walnut and Milk

There is no doubt that Top 10 toxic combination of food with milk- Everyone loves eating. Food completes the composition of satisfaction and survival.

Our eating habits directly relate to our health. The nutritious portion is the greatest entity of food whether it is in the liquefied form or solid form.

We are going to talk about the primary source of nutrition and energy. The richest liquefied source of a balanced diet is Milk. It is the finest health booster available in the form of liquid state. Mammals generate it.

Egg and Milk

The egg is the all-time loveable and easy food for many people. Egg contains the biggest bank of proteins.

One egg is enough to maintain the level of your energy on a high point. But now let us tell you about a drastic combination of food ever, and that is- Egg and Milk.

The intermingled intake if both these substances if food generates intense heat in your body. This ultimately raises the issue of indigestion. This is why Egg and Milk have secured fifth order on the list of Top 10 toxic combination of food with milk.

Coconut and Milk

Yes, we just said Coconut and Milk you might have never heard of this thing before. Coconut is an outstanding well-wisher of health. But it stands to give a blow to all health benefits when it gets mixed with the milk.

The consumption of these two foods on mixed basis acts as the agent of skin diseases and ingestion. It’s better if you keep a proper distance with consumption of Coconut and Milk

Leafy Vegetables and Milk

Moving ahead we have Leafy Vegetables and Milk in our countdown. Leafy Vegetables keeps us away from diseases as they empower our immunity System. But when leafy vegetables get submerged in milk, they commence completely negative effect on human body.

Even the doctors suggest ignoring the fusion of Leafy Vegetables and Milk. This is another important entry in the list of Top 10 toxic combination of food with milk.

Radish and Milk

Radish is the keeper of your good eyesight. It contains the Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. Radish eradicates the heat of the body and transforms it into digestive enzymes. 

But the integration of milk and Radish is horrifyingly harmful to your health. As the combination of these two crashes the internal health and contributes to causing several skin diseases.

Meat and Milk

Meat is the great source which signifies the energy of the human body. It also keeps contains a high level of proteins and fats.

But the composite consumption of Meat and Milk always probes to the degrading the status of intestine and liver. It is implausibly poisonous to your health.

We hope that you will keep this in mind and will not prefer the combination of Meat and Milk for the sake of your happy health.

This combination is a precious head of providing a number of Benefits. This natural fruit matters a lot in the world of zest.

But the merging of the walnut with milk sets an end to the incomparable efficiency of walnut. This combination gives an invitation to several diseases main related to the liver.

We hope that you after reading this you will think twice before putting the milk and walnut in the same bowl.

Grams and Milk

Grams strengthen the body in order of providing a complete package of nutrition. But this is not uniformly good when it gets combines with milk.

The integration of these two food converts into a string reason behind skin disease, indigestion, acidity and even causes an unbearable headache. So, never repeat the mistake of consuming grams and Milk together as it is unfavourable for your health.

Food is most important part of human life but what to eat and what not to eat is a big concern. So, above mentioned is the list of Top 10 toxic combination of food with milk which you must read in order of keeping your good health.

Three Other Foods You Should Never Combine With Milk

Milk should not be teamed with other protein sources as it may cause heaviness and digestive issues.

There is a reason why they say, ‘you are what you eat’.

You may be extremely particular about your daily diet and exactly how many calories your system crunches down every day, but at times the way you pair your food and the time when you consume it also plays a significant role in maintaining your health.

Achieving a balanced diet is not about randomly jam-packing your meals with a mix of different ingredients. It requires apt knowledge about various ingredients, their nutritional play on our health and exactly what not to team them with to ensure optimum health.

While many would talk about what to eat and what to include in your daily diet, little is conversed about how best to consume these ingredients and what NOT to do with them.

Demystifying the same concept, today we shall talk about one of the basic, commonest and most crucial items in our daily diet – milk – and what not to team it with to ensure a healthy body.

1. Protein and milk

According to a Delhi-based nutritionist Anshul Jaibharat, milk should not be teamed with other protein sources as it could cause heaviness and digestive issues in some people.

“Those who are looking to lose weight should steer clear of this combination,” noted Anshul. However, this combination proves beneficial for people who want to gain weight as well as for growing kids.

“Two protein items should never be eaten together in a same meal. Avoid consuming fish and all types of meat with milk,” explained Shilpa Arora ND, a renowned Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach. 

2. Sour ingredients and milk

This one is a no brainer; acidic and citrusy items should not be teamed with milk until you really want milk to change to cheese in middle of your stomach. “Fruits rich in vitamin C should never be teamed with milk,” noted Shilpa.

3. Fruits and milk

This will come as a shock but experts suggest not combining milk with any type of fruit. Ayurveda suggests consuming milk and fruits separately. The only types of fruits that can be combined with milk would have sweet and buttery properties like mangoes, avocados, figs, dates et cetera.

Milk is a type of animal protein which may cause digestive issues, acidity and fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract when teamed with certain fruits. Bananas are usually the most commonly teamed fruit with milk, expert strictly talk against this alliance.

Ayurveda expert at Dr. Vaidya’s, Dr. Surya Bhagwati describes this combination as an incompatible one that can douse the digestive fire and disrupt the intestinal flora. “It may also cause congestion, cold, cough, rashes and allergies,” noted Dr. Bhagwati.

While it may look like an impossible task to keep a track of what ingredients you end up teaming in your regular meals, a casual chat with a certified nutritionist may give you a basic idea about how to go smartly about teaming some of the most regular and everyday food items.

Have You Been Having Bananas With Your Milk?

Bananas, Milk Benefits: While the combination of banana and milk has long been seen in chilled milkshakes, it may pose various health risks. Know why you must avoid combining banana and milk together.

Bananas And Milk: We all love milkshakes and smoothies, don’t we? The blend of seasonal fruits and milk is the perfect combination to cool down on a hot summer day. Who doesn’t love to have a banana milkshake as a refreshing mid-meal beverage?

While it tastes amazing, banana and milk might not go well when mixed together. Yes, you read that right.

While the combination of banana and milk has long been seen in chilled milkshakes, it may pose various health risks. We spoke to many experts and here’s what you should know about consuming this combination together. 

Is it a good or bad idea to combine banana with milk?

Whether the famous combination of milk and banana is good or bad for health has always been in debate. While many suggest that both make an excellent combination, some recommend against mixing banana with milk.

When we asked expert Dietitian and Psychologist from Care For Life, Harish Kumar, this is what he had to say, “We do not recommend this combination as it may prove to be very harmful for the body.

Even if you want to consume them, you can first take milk and after 20 minutes, eat a banana. You must also avoid banana milkshake as it hinders the digestion process and disturbs your sleeping pattern.

On the contrary, expert Nutritionist and Macrobiotic Health Coach, Shilpa Arora says, “Banana with milk is a great option for body builders and people who wish to gain weight and need energy for high intensity work.

However, it is not recommended for people with allergies like asthma as it creates mucus which leads to breathing disorders.” 

What Does Ayurveda Say?

As far as Ayurveda is concerned, every food has its own taste (rasa), post digestive effect (vipaka) and a heating or cooling energy (virya). Therefore, an individual’s agni or gastric fire determines how well or poorly the food is digested, and right food combinations are of great importance.

Ayurveda strictly puts milk and banana in the list of the most incompatible foods.

According to the book The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home RemediesA Comprehensive Guide to the Ancient Healing of India by Vasant Lad, combinations of fruits and milk are to be avoided strictly. According to a report Food Combining by Vasant Lad, eating bananas with milk can diminish agni, produce toxins and may cause sinus congestion, cold, cough and allergies. Although both of these foods have a sweet taste and a cooling energy, their post digestive effect is very different. Bananas are sour while milk is sweet. This further causes confusion to our digestive system and may result in toxins, allergies and other imbalances.

Ayurveda Specialist at Dr. Vaidya’s, Dr. Surya Bhagwati says, “It is a bad combination and is known as Viruddh Aahar (incompatible combinations). It generates Ama, a toxic substance that is the root cause of imbalance and diseases in the body.

It douses the digestive fire hence disrupting the intestinal flora. It also causes congestion, cold, cough, rashes and allergies. It creates a negative reaction in the body, generates additional water, blocks body channel, contributes to heart diseases, vomiting and loose motion.”

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

According to our experts, banana and milk do not go well together and may cause serious harm to our health. Therefore, it is better to avoid blending banana with milk and rather have them separately.

They have their own properties that benefit our health; however, mixing both may kill those properties causing ailments in the body.

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