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What To Eat With Nutella? Read It Here!

Nutella contains less than 2% of cocoa solids, meaning there isn’t much chocolate in this product. Nutella may seem like just another kind of chocolate to some people, but they are totally different ingredients altogether. Chocolate is made from cacao beans which are naturally bitter whereas Nutella is made from roasted hazelnuts and skim milk powder which makes for a sweeter taste. The sweetness comes from the addition of refined sugar, making up about 19%.

Nutella is an amazing chocolate-hazelnut spread that can be used for a variety of different recipes. The question is, what do you use it with? We have compiled the best recipes to enjoy this delicious product. From toast and pancakes to pasta dishes, we have got you covered.

  • Toast and Nutella: Toast bread in a frying pan with butter or olive oil, then spread some Nutella on top of one slice. Put the other slice over it so that you can enjoy this breakfast delight!
  • Pancakes: Pancake batter is very versatile, but adding nutella to anything makes it even better. Add some onto your pancakes for an extra special treat. You won’t regret it!
  • Pasta dishes: The Italians have created many pasta dishes which include Nutella as part of its ingredients. Try out Pesto Pasta by combining spaghetti noodles with pesto sauce made from basil leaves, garlic cloves, pine nuts and salt all mixed together before stirring in the creamy hazelnut spread.
  • Tiramisu: Served as a coffee dessert, this is made with ladyfingers dipped in espresso or strong black tea and layered with cocoa powder, whipped cream and Nutella – the combination of flavors will take you to heaven!
  • Cookies: Stir some Nutella into your favorite cookie dough recipe for an extra sweet touch that everyone will love. It’s also great on top of chocolate chip cookies after they come out of the oven.
  • Banana – Slice a banana and then place it in between two slices of bread. Spread the Nutella on one slice like you would as if spreading butter, then close up your sandwich so that all three ingredients are enclosed together.
  • Pizza: Make pizza by placing thin crust dough with nutella into a baking dish before topping it off with chopped strawberries, bananas and dark chocolate chips to have an easy but delicious meal!
  • Cake: To make cake with Nutella frosting you will need two round cakes on a plate, one for the bottom layer of your cake and another as your top layer. Spread some vanilla buttercream or cream cheese frosting over the first layer before spreading Nutella on it like icing to cover both layers in nutella goodness.
  • Fruit Salad: Simply mix some sliced strawberries, bananas and mandarin oranges for fruit salad along with whipped cream and Nutella – this is perfect for dessert or breakfasts in bed when someone needs something sweet.

There are a lot more things that you can eat with nutella out there, but this is a good place to start.There’s also no wrong way of heating up this delicious treat – from microwaving a jar straight out of the fridge all the way up until boiling point, there will always be someone who enjoys their food either hot or cold. It doesn’t matter what you eat with it, as long as there’s Nutella involved.

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