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What To Eat With Oysters?

What Can You Serve With Oysters?

Raw oysters are delicious, but they’re also messy. And since they’re usually served on the half shell, they tend to spill everywhere. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them! There are plenty of great side dishes to serve with oysters. Here are some ideas:

Zesty Saltine Crackers

Crusty Homemade Bread

Cucumber Mignonette

Clam Chowder

Hush Puppies

Bloody Marys

Wakame and Sesame Salad

Tomato Salad

Snap Peas Salad

How Do Oysters Taste?

Oysters are delicious, nutritious foods that come from mollusks. They are a great source of protein, minerals, vitamins, and omega fatty acids. And they’re super healthy for you!

Good oysters will look opaque, and never smell or taste fishy. Bad oysters will look dried out and smell off. If there is no seaweed inside the shell, the shell is probably dead.

There are many different types of oysters, and each kind tastes different. Cold-water oysters are larger and creamier than warm-water oysters. West coast oysters are bigger and more flavorful than east coast oysters.

Some oysters may have a slightly gritty or metallic taste, whereas others may have an intense saltiness. No matter what kind of oysters you eat, however, they’re still delicious!

Do You Eat Raw Or Cooked Oysters?

People who enjoy eating oysters tend to either eat them raw or cook them. But there are plenty of people who prefer to chew rather than swallow the oyster whole. And if you’re someone who likes to chew oysters, you might consider serving them with a Champagne Mignonne sauce.

Some people like to garnish oysters with lemon juice, cocktail sauces, or a Champagne Mignonette Sauce. But you can serve them any number of ways depending on your preferences. Just remember that oysters should never be served undercooked, as they can easily become contaminated with bacteria.

How Do You Eat Oysters?

Oysters are delicious, nutritious foods that come in many varieties. There are many different ways to serve and eat oysters. Here are just a few examples of how people eat oysters today:

1. Fresh: Fresh, living fresh oysters can be shucked at home and eaten on the half shell, with your favorite condiments. Protect your hands when removing the top (flat) side of the oysters from the cup-shaped bottom, and be sure to rinse the outside of the oyster shell before opening.

2. Stewed: Oysters stew is a dish consisting primarily of oysters cooked with various ingredients including aromatics, milk, creams, and sometimes sherry; it is usually served with tiny crackers called oyster crackers, or oyster biscuits, which may have been given this name because of the stew.

3. Fried: Fried oysters are fried whole oysters, usually served on a bed of crushed ice, garnished with cocktail onions, and accompanied by a variety of sauces, dressings, and spices.

4. Steamed: Steamed oysters are prepared by placing oysters on the half-shell on a serving platter, covering them with dampened paper towels, and leaving them undisturbed until ready to serve. The oysters should remain submerged under the towel for approximately three to five minutes, during which time they will begin to expand slightly. After steaming, oysters are removed from the half-shell and placed on a warmed plate, where they may be topped with additional toppings and/or accompaniments.

5. Broiled: Broiled oysters are prepared by topping oysters on a half-shell with butter, herbs, bread crumbs, and seasoning, and then briefly baking or broiling them. Broiled oysters are typically served with a lemon wedge, and are sometimes referred to as “oysters Rockefeller”.

15 Serving Suggestions For Oysters

1. Snap Pea Salad

Oysters are delicious, but sometimes they can be a little bit boring. Adding a refreshing snap pea salad makes them taste even better. And since it’s served raw, it adds a nice crunch to the oyster.

This recipe uses a combination of ingredients that work well together. Lemon juice gives the salad a tangy flavor, while vinegar helps balance out the sweetness. The saltiness of the olives complements the sweetness of the peas.

To serve, place two or three oysters on a plate and drizzle with a small amount of olive oil. Top with a spoonful of the snap pea salad and garnish with a sprig of parsley.

2. Cold Seafood Platter

Oysters are delicious, but they’re also expensive. And they’re also pretty small. But you can serve them in a variety of ways to give your guests a taste of cold seafood without breaking the bank.

For example, you can serve oysters on a half shell or in a cocktail glass. Or you can serve them in the shells themselves. You can also serve them with shrimp, crab legs, clams, mussels, crawfish, and other types of seafood.

There are lots of options for serving cold seafood platters. Just pick whatever seafood you’d like to serve and decide how you want to present it. Then add some dipping sauces to really bring out the flavors.

You can serve oysters on a cold seafood platter during an oyster party. Or you can serve it during a special occasion, such as a birthday party or anniversary celebration. Either way, you’ll wow your guests with a beautiful presentation of cold seafood.

3. Zesty Saltine Crackers

These zesty saltine cracker 15-minute recipes are great for any kind of party or event. Whether you’re throwing a casual gathering or a formal affair, these salty snacks are sure to impress everyone.

They’re made with fresh ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. Choose between sweet and savory options, including lemon basil, garlic herb, and cilantro lime. Each flavor comes with its own unique seasoning blend, so you can customize them to suit your taste.

Add some zesty saltine crackers to your next meal or snack. They’re tangy and have a nice spicy kick to them that makes them perfect for adding a little extra spice to your favorite dishes.

You’ll love how these zesty saltine crackers pair perfectly with your raw oysters!

4. Cucumber Mignonette

Oysters are delicious, but if you’re serving them without anything else, they might taste bland. Adding a little bit of flavor makes them taste great. One of the easiest ways to add flavor to oysters is with a simple mignonette.

This 3-ingredient recipe calls for cucumbers, lemon juice, salt, sugar, and water. Mix those ingredients together in a bowl until well combined. Then serve the mignonette alongside your oysters.

Your guests will love how refreshing this mignonette tastes, and they won’t even realize that it’s made with fresh vegetables. Try this recipe tonight and let us know what you think!

5. Clam Chowder

Oysters are delicious, but they’re also pretty light. If you want to give your guests something substantial to eat after eating oysters, then you should consider serving them with clam chowder.

Clam chowder is a classic New England dish made from clams, potatoes, onions, celery, cream, and milk. It’s served either hot or cold, depending on how you prefer it. It’s perfect as a starter before the oysters, and it’s also great as a second course for people who have already eaten their fill of oysters.

You can serve clam chowder in a variety of ways. Some people enjoy it straight off the stovetop, while others prefer to pour it into bowls and serve it chilled. Whatever method you decide to use, you’ll find that clam chowder makes a wonderful addition to any seafood feast.

6. Hot Mignonette

Oysters are delicious, but sometimes you want a little extra kick to go along with them. And nothing says hot like a mignonette sauce. But you probably already knew that.

But did you know that you can serve oysters with a mignonette? It’s true! Just add a little sriracha to a simple mignonette recipe and you’ve got yourself a tasty treat.

This mignonette recipe is super easy to make. All you need is a little sriracha, lemon juice, sugar, salt, and white wine vinegar. Mix those together and you’ve got yourself some delicious mignonettes.

Make sure to try this mignonette recipe with your favorite oyster varieties. It’s great served alongside any kind of oyster, including raw oysters, steamed oysters, or fried oysters.

7. Traditional Kimchi

Oysters are delicious, but they’re also pretty expensive. And since you only eat one or two per meal, you might find yourself wondering what else you can serve with them. Traditional kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish that adds an element of fun to oysters.

This Napa cabbage kimchee is made with red chili peppers, garlic, ginger, scallions, sesame oil, salt, sugar, and soy sauce. It’s served cold, so it’s perfect after eating an oyster.

Kimchi is traditionally eaten alongside rice dishes, but it’s also delicious on its own. Try serving it with oysters for a unique flavor combination!

8. Hush Puppies

Oysters are a great appetizer option, especially during the summer months. But if you’re hosting a party where you’d rather serve something else, try serving up some hush puppies instead. These crunchy little golden balls of delicious goodness are perfect for dipping into any number of tasty sauces.

They’re not as fancy as oyster roasts, but they’ll round the meal off nicely and add a bit of variety to your menu. Plus, they’re super simple to make. Just mix flour, baking powder, salt, and milk until smooth. Then roll the batter into small balls and fry them up in hot oil.

These hush puppy bites are perfect for parties and picnics. Try them with tartar sauce, barbecue sauce, honey mustard, ranch dressing, or ketchup. Or dip them in butter and sprinkle them with sea salt. Whatever you decide to serve them with, they’re guaranteed to be a hit!

9. Homemade Bread

Oysters are delicious, but sometimes they can be hard to eat without getting shellfish poisoning. Homemade bread is a great alternative to eating raw oysters. It tastes amazing and is a lot easier to digest. Plus, it’s healthier than eating raw oysters.

A buttered slice of warm homemade bread is the perfect accompaniment to any meal. It goes well with almost anything, including seafood dishes. Try serving it with a salad or soup. Or serve it alongside a bowl of steamed mussels.

Making your own bread isn’t difficult. All you need is flour, yeast, salt, water, oil, and eggs. Mix those ingredients together until you have a dough. Then let it rise for several hours before baking it.

10. Sesame And Wakame Salad

This wakame and sesame salad is the perfect low-calorie pairing for your raw oyster appetizer. It’s salty, tangy, and slightly sweet. Sesame seeds add a nutty flavor to the dish, while wakame adds a freshness to the mix.

Oysters are a delicious seafood snack that pairs well with any number of dishes. But if you’re trying to eat healthily, you might want to avoid eating raw oysters. Raw oysters are known to carry bacteria that can cause food poisoning. However, cooked oysters are perfectly safe to consume.

To serve this wakame and salted sesame salad, simply place a small handful of wakame leaves onto a plate or bowl. Top with a couple of raw oysters, drizzle with soy sauce and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Enjoy immediately!

11. Tomato Salad

This tomato salad is great for serving at parties or potlucks. It’s super easy to prepare, and it tastes amazing. Plus, it’s made with ingredients that are available year-round.

Start by slicing two large ripe tomatoes into wedges. Then chop four handfuls of basil leaves and mix them with half a cup of extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Mix well and let sit for 30 minutes before serving.

To serve, place the sliced tomatoes on a plate and drizzle with the basil mixture. Garnish with a sprinkle of sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

12. Bloody Mary

Oysters are delicious, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy them with a little extra flair. Try serving them with a Bloody Mary shooter instead. You’ll need a shot of bloody mary and a shucked oyster.

Your guests will combine the two ingredients and cook them together. Now that’s my kind of dinner!

You could just serve the delicious cocktails alongside the oyster plates.

13. Cornbread Muffins

There are two types of cornbread muffins: sweet and savory. Sweet cornbread muffins are made with sugar and butter. Savory cornbread muffins are usually made without any added sugars. Both types of cornbread muffin recipes include eggs, milk, flour, baking powder, salt, and oil.

Sweet cornbread muffins are typically baked in a greased pan. Savory cornbread is baked in a non-greased pan. Some recipes call for adding cheese to the batter before baking. In other recipes add bacon bits or sausage crumbles to the batter.

Both types of cornbread muffins are delicious and nutritious. They are low in fat and high in fiber. They are also gluten-free.

14. Lemon Pasta

Oysters are delicious, nutritious, and versatile. They can be served raw or cooked. And they pair well with lemon pasta.

This recipe combines two ingredients that are great together: oysters and lemon pasta. The combination makes for a tasty dish that’s healthy and low in calories. Plus, it’s easy to prepare. All you need is fresh seafood and a jar of lemon pasta sauce.

15. Roasted Green Beans

Oysters are delicious, nutritious, and versatile. And now you can serve them with roasted green beans! These tasty treats are great served hot or cold. Try serving them with a side salad or pasta dish. Or try roasting them yourself and serving them with a simple vinaigrette dressing.

These roasted green beans are made using fresh organic ingredients. They’re lightly seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder, salt, and pepper. Then they’re tossed in olive oil and baked until crispy.

They’re a healthy snack option that’s low in calories and high in protein. Plus, they taste amazing!

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